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40 years of accumulated experience and know-how

DaonSuccess generates the level of performance desired by our customers and beyond,

based on our numerous experiences and know-how.


Nov 2021

Development of 'Smart trade success AI engine' software for matching business partners

Sep 2021

Registration of a patent for 'Method and system for providing trade solutions through automatic matching of buyers and sellers'

Mar 2021

Development of a smart global business solution based on big data

Nov 2020

Acquisition of Samwang Co., Ltd.
by DaonSuccess Inc. and change of its name to a global trade company

Sep 2020

Selected as an excellent company in the start-up package by the Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development


Mar 1999

Awarded the Presidential Award and
Twenty Million Dollar Export Tower

Feb 1993

Awarded the Presidential Award and
Ten Million Dollar Export Tower

Mar 1991

Establishment of Qingdao Samwang Co., Ltd. in China

Jun 1990

Development of album binding machine
with improved spacing between album pages


Dec 1989

Acquisition of K.M.B Co., Ltd. trading company

May 1989

Development of computer disk cases and photo storage boxes

Mar 1989

Establishment of B.K.S Co., Ltd. in Thailand

Nov 1987

Awarded the Presidential Award and
Million Dollar Export Tower

Nov 1984

Development of Korea's first
High-frequency automatic sheet machine

Oct 1984

Establishment of Samwang Industries
Co., Ltd.

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